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"thermal cover technology"



Over 10 years ago Elite brainstormed ideas in how we could improve our product by eliminating the time, mess and maintenance on a DIY kit. Elite wanted an oven that was simple to assemble, a neat but traditional finish, waterproof on the external and didn’t require any tradesman to install the oven. This is where the concept of the Thermal Cover sparked. The Thermal Cover replaces the entire rendering process of a DIY kit and our average assembly time is around 1.5 hours for the 850TC.

Common DIY kits require mortaring the refractory chambers together, applying insulation over the chambers, compress the insulation with bird wire and then render the external. DIY Kits are usually a 2 to 3 day process depending on the oven and the customer is not guaranteed that the render will not crack or be finished neat and symmetrical.

The Thermal Cover is supplied with the Elite 850TC and 850TC with Support Frame. The Thermal Cover is a hard weather-proof shell that has a rough textured traditional finish and simply fastens straight over the refractory chambers. There is no mortaring the chambers together due to the compression of the insulation within the Thermal Cover cavity.

The tight seal on the Thermal Cover assists to hold the heat within the chambers as it does not breath like a render, this eliminates the need of a having to have a huge fire and is easier to maintain the temperature, which also prevents burning the food you are trying to cook within the oven. Only 1 – 2 pieces of firewood are needed per hour to maintain temperature, this minimises the flame and creates a perfect even cooking environment.

850tc - modular assembly

5 easy steps to a 1.5 hour assembly!

  1.  Mark centres of concrete slab
  2.  Lay out oven floor
  3.  Place Arch, Centre & Rear chambers on oven floor
  4.  Rest Thermal Cover over the top of refractory dome
  5.  Fasten Thermal Cover to slab with anchor (dyna) bolts

models with thermal cover