The Elite Pizza Oven Range

Why spend tedious hours building and rendering a DIY kit when it is difficult to achieve the accurate consistency, finish the render symmetrical which is porous and will eventually crack?

Over 10 years ago Elite developed our unique Thermal Cover to replace the difficult, time consuming and messy task of the rendering process which is still a common part of DIY kits found on the market. The Elite range is completely modular, it can be pulled apart off a trailer/driveway and assembled in the backyard in 1.5 hours (850TC) or 3.5 hours (Statesman Series).

The Thermal Cover is externally waterproof, has a traditional rough textured finish, is UV rated and does not crack or breath like render. Elite can also fit double the amount of insulation within the Thermal Cover cavity to cause a tight compressed seal as well as assisting to hold extra heat into the refractory dome. This creates a perfect cooking environment due to Elite’s high quality refractory material and engineered dynamics.

The Elite 850TC

The Elite 850 TC is Elite’s most popular oven. This
oven can be built into your base in approx. 1.5hrs.
We also have a heavy duty steel support frame that
is an additional option if required Assemble today
and cook today!

850 TC & Support Frame

The popular 850 TC now has a convenient support
frame that is supplied with the unit. Elite’s clever
transport frame is used with this support frame
extension creating a modular standalone unit. This
has all the components supplied with the 850 TC
and the customer can now clad this frame in their
own choice of material.

Statesman Series – Grey

The Elite Statesman Series has the Elite 850 TC on a
tough, durable, grey hammer tone powder coated
cabinet with minimal maintenance and lockable
caster wheels.

Statesman Series – Black

The Elite Statesman Series has the Elite 850 TC on a
tough, durable, black hammer tone powder coated
cabinet with 304 grade stainless steel doors. This
premium standalone unit has minimal maintenance
and is supplied with lockable caster wheels.

Appliances & Accessories

Elite not only have a full range of quality wood fired ovens but we also have appliances to fit out your area. Check out Elite’s accessories, the BeefEater and Sunoco appliance built-in appliance range.

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