do-it-yourself assembly

Elite Pizza Ovens & Outdoor Kitchens have gone one step further to create a customer friendly, DIY assembly guide for each cabinet module we fabricate. 

Each module supplied with any Elite custom fabricated kitchen will have a simple step-by-step assembly guide as well as email and phone support. 

Elite can freight to over 20 locations around Australia, with regional and international deliveries available. 

Every Outdoor kitchen comes in a sturdy ply wood transport crate to keep your dream kitchen safe throughout the delivery process. 

5 steps to d.i.y

1. Plan

Measure & plan your area prior to selecting cabinet modules and appliances.

2. Select

Select desired kitchen layout to fit within your area. Note any service points when contacting us.

3. Contact

Contact us to quote your DIY outdoor kitchen with the measurements & selected cabinetry.

4. Assemble

Follow our easy customer friendly, DIY assembly guide supplied with each cabinet module.

5. Entertain

Get ready to entertain your family and friends, the Elite way!