The Elite range is not only perfect for residential properties but we have an oven in our range to suit any small business/organisation, school, caravan park, retirement village or sporting club.

Oven on a trailer

The Elite 850 TC is the perfect oven for a catering trailer. Why? Because Elite’s 850TC (Thermal Cover) does not crack externally like any rendered oven on the market does. The 850TC does not need to be assembled on a heavy concrete slab, this reduces the weight and is safe for travelling. It is the perfect option for catering at parties, field days, outdoor cinemas, corporate functions or cooking for your family and friends. Elite can help assist with fabrication methods of the trailer for more information please make an enquiry.

Restaurant or Café

Elite supply our ovens Australia wide to restaurants and café’s with great response and success to the companies. We have worked with Australia’s leading refractory engineers and technicians to not only achieve a perfect cooking environment but also to achieve the best dynamics and heat retention. By doing this we can afford to have a large arch opening which attains the same cooking space as a larger oven. Our ovens can evenly cook 3 pizzas at a time and take 1-3 minutes to cook depending on the temperature of the oven.

One oven will easily cater for up to a 60 seat restaurant/café and if an oven is for a larger seated restaurant or café it is more efficient to be running two Elite ovens at a time. Two Elite ovens will take up less space and be more cost effective than a big commercial oven that takes several hours to heat up. Our Elite ovens will use less fire wood compared to a larger commercial oven and during the quieter periods you have the option of only using one oven and lighting up the second as it gets busier. This saves the company running costs on fire wood and is more efficient to staff. One chef can easily operate two Elite Ovens at a time.

School or Sporting Club

Elite Wood Fired Pizza Ovens are the perfect investment for fundraising as you can do a lot more than just pizzas! There is an endless variety of food that can be cooked in an Elite oven adding that wood fired flavour.

Elite can offer the option of an 850 TC that can be installed on a trailer or on a bare frame that can be cladded and vinyl wrapped with sponsors, school slogan or logo. The Statesman Series which is a standalone oven and cabinet on lockable caster wheels is the perfect option if you require moving the oven in and around your complex.

Caravan Park or Retirement Village

Elite supply our ovens to many caravan parks and retirement villages around Australia. It is great to get your small community together and provide entertainment for your guests. The Elite oven does not require a chef and only one staff member would be needed to operate the oven.

You can have the option of a menu of different pizzas or a set price per pizza or even have the customers make their own.

This is the perfect option for permanent residence as you can cater for their birthday party or event.

Leasing an Elite Pizza Oven

We have now partnered up with Flexi Commercial to offer businesses the option to lease our Elite Wood Fired Pizza Ovens over a 3 – 5 year contract. Click below to find out more information. Two pizzas a week will cover your payments!


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