Elite 850TC & Support Frame

850TC & Support Frame: 1.5 hour assembly

*Please visit the ‘850TC page’ for more information on the oven provided.

The Elite 850 TC is supplied and transported globally, fastened down to our primed steel transport frame (as seen in above freight image). Elite have designed what we call our “Conversion Kit Frame” which is an additional frame that converts the supplied transport frame into a support frame to accommodate the 850 TC.

The Conversion Kit Frame is also supplied with an 18mm CFC (compressed fibro cement) board which is cut and pre-drilled for the 850 TC to be assembled on. When the 850TC is installed on top of the bare frame the finished oven floor height is 950 mm, being the perfect cooking height for an Elite oven and finished bench top height. This frame can be installed on a structurally engineered rated deck. The overall weight of the oven and supported frame is approximately 400kgs. An additional 18mm CFC board can be easily used under the 4 legs of the support frame to disperse the weight.

Customers can clad the frame in their own choice of outdoor rated materials at a later date or speak with Elite’s staff to get popular designs to build the Elite oven into their dream outdoor kitchen.

  • Thermal Cover: Rating 1260oC – 1460oC)
  • 320KG (including support frame)
  • Refractory Chambers: 60 – 80mm thick
  • Cooking floor: 50mm Refractory floor
  • Cooking Height: 950mm
  • Heat Up Time: 40 – 80 Minutes
  • Thermal cover (rating 1260oC – 1460oC)
  • Pre-cured oven chambers
  • 25mm insulated floor boards that have been pre-cut, marked and numbered 25mm
  • 900mm stainless steel flue (150mm diameter)
  • 150mm diameter flue hat 
  • Refractory fire bricks that have been pre-cut, marked and numbered
  • Tested & proved in extreme temperatures & remains cool to touch on the outside
  • Cooking space: 3 x 8” pizzas, 2 x 12” pizzas or up to 5 baking dishes (at one time)
  • Approx. 40 – 120 seconds per pizza (depending on wood quality & cooking temperature)
Overall dimensions 
  • 1120 x 1180mm (W x D)
Internal dimensions
  • 850 x 1070mm (W x D)
Arch Opening
  • 620 x 300 x 290mm (W x D x H)
Refractory Oven Floor
  • Elite signature 50mm thick throughout
Stainless steel flue
  • 150mm diameter

Elite are an Australian wide online company & wholesaler, please visit the ‘Contact‘ page and complete the enquiry form for pricing to your area.

850tc - modular assembly

5 easy steps to a 1.5 hour assembly!

  1.  Mark centres on compressed cement board
  2.  Lay out oven floor
  3.  Place Arch, Centre & Rear chambers on oven floor
  4.  Rest Thermal Cover over the top of refractory dome
  5.  Fasten Thermal Cover to frame with bolts provided

850 Series Cooking Dimensions

Freight Photo
Progress 1
Progress 2
Progress 3
Complete 1
Complete 2

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