Elite 850 TC

Elite 850 TC Assembly Kit – The Built in Series “Elite most popular oven!”

The Elite 850 TC has proven to be the most popular DIY kit on the market with the ease of assembly and its perfect render look finish. Unlike traditional rendered ovens the 850 TC (Thermal Cover) does not crack, is weather proof, can be exposed to all elements, doesn’t breathe like render as it assists to hold the heat into the refractory cast chambers and has a quicker heat up time.

Most DIY Kits on the market have to be assembled and then rendered giving an assembly and curing time of up to 3 days. The thermal cover replaces the hassle of the rendering process (no mess) giving an assembly time of approx. 1.5 hours on top of a base structure/support. This is the easiest oven on the market to assemble and is a perfect finish every time.

The 850 TC is the perfect size to accommodate any alfresco area, outdoor kitchen or outdoor area.Elite have worked with Australia’s leading refractory engineers and technicians to not only achieve a perfect cooking environment but also to achieve the best dynamics and heat retention. By doing this we can afford to have a generous 620mm arch opening giving our Elite oven a larger cooking space equivalent to bigger sized ovens on the market.


  • No Rendering, No Mess! No Tradesman Required
  • Quick Assembly – Perfect Every Time!
  • Thermal cover (rating 1260oC – 1460oC)
  • Pre-cured oven chambers
  • Stainless steel arch floor piece cast in Elite’s refractory material (for slow cooking or rotation of dishes)
  • Stainless steel flue (900mm) with china hat
  • Stainless flue assembly (spigot & face plate)
  • Stainless steel door with handle 25mm insulated floor boards that have been pre-cut, marked and numbered 25mm refractory fire bricks that have been pre-cut, marked and numbered
  • Tested & proved in extreme temperatures & remains cool to touch on the outside
  • Requires existing base or have the option of purchasing an Elite Conversion kit to accommodate the 850TC which can be cladded at a later date with your preferred finish
  • DIMENSIONS of the 850TC
    1. External 1180 mm (d) x 1120mm (w)
    2. Internal 850mm x 1070mm
    3. Arch opening 620mm

Base Structure Information (for 850 TC and 850 DIY)

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