Transform Your Alfresco Outdoor Dining Area: Choosing Wood Fired Pizza Ovens for Sale in Brisbane

Wood Fired Pizza Ovens Brisbane

Transform Your Outdoor Dining Area: Choosing Wood Fired Pizza Ovens for Sale in Brisbane

When the weather is cooperative, not many things are as enjoyable as gathering outdoors at home with friends and family to share drinks and good food together. The popularity of alfresco dining remains strong, and many people frequently express an interest in adding this feature to their home. Not only does such an outdoor cooking and dining area provide fun opportunities for entertaining, but it adds real value to your home too. Are you in the process of designing an alfresco space, or are you interested in upgrading your capabilities? At Elite Pizza Ovens, we provide a robust, highly engineered option for those interested in wood fired pizza ovens for sale in Brisbane.

The appeal of a wood fired oven is hard to deny. Not only are they visually interesting, but they are extremely efficient methods of cooking — particularly for larger groups. Once you’ve built a fire and obtained the correct cooking temperature, these ovens use materials designed to capture and retain that heat for a long time. You can do far more than make pizzas in these ovens, too; considering the variety of recipes that work with this tool, it’s easy to see it can be a versatile addition to the space. The process of adding an outdoor pizza oven to your Brisbane home doesn’t have to be difficult, either. In fact, we’ve worked hard to make it as simple as possible. Here’s how.

Finding an outdoor pizza oven for a Brisbane home

After selecting your oven, we ship kits directly to your door. All the main components necessary for assembly come in this kit. We began with the goal of making assembly as simple as possible, and to that end, you will find there is no rendering required to begin using your new wood fired pizza oven in Brisbane. Instead, we use an innovative thermal cover rated to withstand heat over 1200 degrees Celsius. Combined with the pre-cured oven chamber, all the components are already in their ready-to-use state. Installation typically takes only about an hour and a half with a base prepared in advance. Fully detailed and easy to understand plans and instructions come included with all our ovens for sale to simplify the process for our “DIY” clients.

Order today to get started

Whether you opt for the 850TC or one of our Statesman pizza oven kits to use in Brisbane, you can count on quality. From the first design to the final steps of production, we stress attention to detail. Ultimately, this translates into a fixture of your home that can provide dependable results for many years into the future. It’s not just an improvement of your alfresco area for today — it’s an investment in tomorrow, too. Explore these products for sale now to learn more.


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